Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow Day = Sew Day

So we woke up to this on Monday (actually it was deeper....but you get the point!) So I called work and it was officially a "Code White"...which means that we who are considered "non-essential" can stay home and sew! WOOT. You bet I took advantage of it. I worked on my Big Leap...
I'm loving it! Stay tuned for the next step! Smooches - Laurie

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

? Lunch ?

In an effort to get organized a few years back I had read an article about storing your UFO's in pizza boxes. They were perfect! You could lay your blocks out flat and add the additional fabric in there as well! At the time, we ate A LOT of pizza, but I wanted clean boxes. My oldest to the rescue! For Christmas he gifted me with these...at an extreme cost to him personally (so he tells me). Apparently in order to obtain said boxes as cheaply as possible (he was a starving college student at the time) he states he had to FLIRT with the girl at the pizza place and PROMISE to take her out on a date. Poor thing. My heart weeps at the sacrifices he had to make on my quilty behalf! So what's in THIS particular box you might ask? Well, my sweet friend Doreen of Aunt Reen's Place is hosting a sew-along. You can find information and participate HERE! The yumminess that follows is what I'll be using -- ALL of it from my stash (except an additional yard of the newsprint)! Yeah!!!
And just in case you were wondering how the date went....
Smooches! Laurie